Friday, November 02, 2007

Flugtag Kuwait

FlugTag Kuwait
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A Flugtag (German: flight day, airshow) is an event in which competitors attempt to fly in homemade flying machines.

Kuwait had it's first Flugtag event on Nov 2 2007. I had marked this event in my calendar ever since it was announced about 6 months ago, as I knew it would provide some great photo opportunities.

Even though I was feeling a bit under the weather (due to my asthma acting up again), I decided to head off to the show and dragged my family along with me. I packed the Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 lens as I knew it would provide me with the necessary reach to shoot the event. When we reached the event area (Marina Waves), I was a little apprehensive that the lens may not be good enough - especially after I saw some photogs toting lenses that must have been around 400mm at the telephoto end. My apprehension was quickly put to rest once I selected a nice vantage point and tested the lens. The range of 80 to 200mm was more than sufficient for capturing action shots (though I would not have complained if I could somehow afford the Nikkor 200-400 f4).

I set the camera to group dynamic AF, so that the camera could quickly achieve focus on the moving subjects, and set my camera to continuos shooting mode.

The camera/lens combination performed superbly. Even though the lens does not have VR (vibration reduction), I never needed it for this particular event as it was bright enough for me to shoot in the 1/1000th second range at around f4 to f8, with the ISO set to it's base 100.


Marzouq said...

What a day and a nice shot, I dont know how far they flew! But they won because they had the craziest german engineers and unlimited funding to do it! lol!

We only spent 27 KD on ours to build!

The Criticizer said...

Hope you enjoyed the event as much as you enjoyed photographing it. ;)

Nicole said...

Cool shot!

Was that the winning team then?

Cajie said...

Yes, it was the most polished looking team.

When I am taking photos of any event, I have absolutely no idea what is going on except after I return home and go through my photos - so my enjoyment of the event is how many good pictures came out of it :)

Yup, that was the winning team.

Rayboy said...

you got some cool shots...!!

Anonymous said...
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