Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Multi-Cam 1000 AF Module

Flugtag Rescue Team
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
My D200 may look like a camera from the outside, but it's a complex electronic machine inside. It's a serious piece of machinery designed with a professional in mind - starting from it's durable magnesium-alloy chassis to the various sealings designed to protect it in harsh environments.

The biggest change for me though, has been the auto-focus module embedded in the camera. The Multi-Cam 1000 autofocus module allows for fast and accurate focusing in all kinds of situations. Just a generation ago, professionals sneered at the idea of auto-focusing lenses, relying on their hand-eye coordination and their gut instincts to get the perfect shot.

But technology evolves rapidly, and today, auto-focusing technology has matured to the point that it will be a rare sight to see professionals using manual focus lenses.

While an experienced professional can pull off a shot like this using manual focusing, the rest of us mere mortals need the technology provided by these professional cameras to get the desired result.

To read more about the Multi-Cam autofocus module, use this link


Marzouq said...

Very nice shot, and your right. AF has jumped in development over the years without it our shots would still be crap!

Fonzy said...

I follow ur pics every once in a while and I must say ur pics have always shown professionalism. The resolution is high tech and it shows u use top of the line cameras to get the job done. Gotta be the best flugtag pic i have seen so far.

Cajie said...

You made me blush!

There was some really crazy equipment at the flugtag event, but what I did was go right into the water about knee high to get the best unobstructed view/angle.
It was a bit risky because if the gear fell in the water, I would have cried all night. :)

Nicole said...



Are you going to the mosque tour tomorrow?

Mathai said...

nice pics. Yeah now people dont scoff at the idea of AF for DSLRs. And they respond so well at the telephoto end without much hunting around.