Wednesday, November 14, 2007

World Diabetic Day

Blue Kuwait
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
While browsing through Mark's blog, I learned that Kuwait Towers have been lighted up in blue colors. I did not know if this was going to be a permanent setup or something temporary. All I knew is that it was a photo opportunity, so I packed my camera gear and headed out to the seaside.

The Towers indeed looked eerie and a bit out of this world. Today, I learned that they were lighted up as a commemoration for the World Diabetes Day. I also learned that Kuwait Scientific Center also took part in the campaign, and kicked myself for missing that opportunity.

Here are few more pictures that I took of the blue towers.


This Lady said...

They look beautiful!!

Can't beleive Kuwait is actually doing something about World Diabetes Day.

I'm impressed.

Cajie said...

@this lady,
I am glad they did. Kuwait has a very high percentage of population suffering from diabetes.

Sue said...

AMAZING picture!!
I’m glad to read this blog.

Mathai said...

you are so lucky !
I went there today evening and the towers were back to the normal lighting :(

nice shots by the way

Nicole said...

Oh, that looks gorgeous!