Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nikkor 80-200 F2.8

Nikkor 80-200 F2.8
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I got hold of this superb lens last month - but did not get much opportunity to use it until now. When you hold this lens in your hands, you immediately realize that this is some serious glass.

It weights in at 2.84 lb. So even if you don't get good pictures with it, you will at least build your upper body strength carrying this beast around.

This week, I got my first opportunity to use this lens. The occasion being the Independence day celebrations at the Indian Embassy. The lens was perfectly suited for the occasion. The zoom range meant that I could take portraits such as this.
Band Member

At the same time, the wide aperture allowed me to throw background out of focus. Even when the lens is kept wide open at F2.8, it is beautifully sharp.

At $900, this is not a cheap lens, but at the same time, it is the best bargain Nikon has on offer for this range. The other alternative is the 70-200 AF-S VR which costs almost twice as much (approx. $1700). Optically, both lenses are about the same. The more expensive version provides faster and silent focusing, and the VR (Vibration reduction) features means that you can shoot hand-held, which is very difficult with my lens. My solution is to use a $70 Manfrotto monopod, which gets the job done.

Rating: Highly Recommended.


CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

man...its looks damn complex...i am not getting into dslr photgraphy...its too hard for me to digest..i have no brain cells left that are capable of handling the stress to deal with the complexity...its meant for pros like you and not dumbos like me...LOL

cajie said...

Hey - don't worry too much about the technical jargon. We will meet one of these days, and I will clear up the jargon in no time. Then it is time to take some beautiful pictures!.

saleh said...

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Anonymous said...

great post. i will be back to read some more.