Monday, August 02, 2010

Lexar Professional 32GB 233x

Lexar Professional 32GB 233x
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As our cameras become bigger in resolution, our need for increased storage keeps on increasing. Few years back, I could get decent mileage out of a 2GB card on my D70 (a 6 mega-pixel camera). Once I upgraded to a D200 (10.1 mega-pixel), The 2GB started feeling very small and I invested in a couple of 4GB and 8GB cards.

On the D300 (a 14.2 mega-pixel camera) , the 4GB and even the 8GB cards seem inadequate - especially when I decide to shoot both JPEG and RAW images at the same time.

I decided to order a 32GB 233x card since they have become quiet affordable. As of this writing, this card is neither the largest (you can get 64GB CF cards), nor the fastest (you can get a 600x speed cards). These high-speed demons are necessary when you want to capture HD video, but for general photography, a 233x is more than sufficient. I tried shooting continuous shots (the D300 can shoot at 6fps), and the card had no problem keeping up with the shooting.

My only concern using such high-capacity cards is the possibility of losing a large number of photos if the card gets corrupted. I just popped the card in the camera and the display shows that it will capture 2800 pictures at the highest quality settings!. Imagine filling up the card and then losing all those photos.

I am travelling this month to Kashmir for an adventure trek and I will get my first opportunity to test both the new D300 as well as the new card. Only when I return back will I know if my concerns were valid or not.