Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I was there!!

Kite Surfing in Kuwait
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The last 2 pictures that I have posted to my Flickr account are not the type of pictures I would normally post to my photo-stream. Bad composition, too much noise etc.

What makes these 2 pictures different is that while chatting on my favourite forum, someone mentioned about a subject, and I realized that I had taken picture of the same subject. It went something like this:

Did you see the big smoke in Kuwait city today?

Earlier that day, I had gone for a function that was hosted on the 9th floor. As typical of me, I quickly opened the window and took a few rapid shots of the dusty panaroma. I realized that I must have captured the smoke in question and checked my camera and found that I had indeed captured something burning in the horizon.

Hey, it was me doing kite-surfing last week at Kuwait towers. Did you take any pictures?

Well, of course, I did!!.


Rayboy said...

Well sometimes mistakes happen. But your other collections makes up big time for any tiny mistakes that have happened.

you should upload the kite event

chillaxinleila said...

beautiful shot and lovely blog :)