Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Dust Season

The Dust Season
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
The start of summer season means only one thing (besides the extremely hot weather) - and that's the start of the dust season. It permeates everywhere. Everything is covered with a fine layer of brown dust.
Dust and digital SLR's don't go hand in hand - which means when there's dust in the air, my camera stays inside the house. This picture was taken with a Casio P&S, which is not susceptible to dust.
I am told that dust like this is good for the date fruit plantations; and I think that's the only thing it is good for. It's definitely not good for my asthma!.


Anonymous said...

Were you driving in the emergency lane?

Cajie said...

Well, actually, I stopped in the emergency lane and put on my hazard lights to take the photo. But it was still freaking scary and I had to keep an eye on the incoming traffic to make sure they don't come and bang into me.

Rayboy said...

yeah tel lme about it.. my dad , who runs his own music training , had to suffer. he couldnt cancel his classes!!

rayboy said...

Hows your heroes going on?

rayboy said...

blogger demands :-)

new dusty picture of today :-)

Cajie said...

Got stuck with episode 7. For some reason, it just wouldn't download. Then I went to isohunt and tried from there. Now it's coming - though very slowly.

Nicole said...

hehe, yes, the trusty Casios ;)