Friday, June 08, 2007

Long Exposures

Red And White
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
One of the key benefit of a dSLR cameras is long-exposure shooting. This involves placing the camera on a solid tripod and taking shots of night-life.

Of course, you can do this with a small point & shoot camera, but due to the high noise inherent in such tiny sensors, the results are usually dissapointing. Here are some passable shots that I took with a Casio Exilim.

Earlier, I've used my D70 to take some great night time photos of Kuwait cityscape, and ever since upgrading to D200, I've been itching to go and try some night shots. I was unable to do so till now due to 2 factors:
- It's summer time in Kuwait which means it's always dusty (a definite no-no for dSLR cameras).
- I lost my tripod while travelling to India and was debating on which tripod to get as a replacement. I have the Manfrotto 055MF4 in my wish list, but have been unable to purchase it for various reasons. In the meantime, I decided to pick up a reasonably decent tripod from a local store. It's a chinese made, and for $100, it's quiet heavy and stable.

The resulting picture taken at
15-second exposure
White balance and saturation adjusted in Photoshop.


Rayboy said...

wher you standing on a overhead passenger bridge?

Cajie said...

Yes, Highway 50, last pedestrian bridge before reaching the signal in Kuwait city.
One of my favourite night-time shooting spot.