Saturday, December 18, 2010

Explore Goa: Fishing in Arabian Sea.

Early Morning on Mandovi River.
My brother Roy is an avid angler. Okay. Let me rephrase that. My brother is a crazy fisherman. He can spend hours in the sea waiting for the fish to bite. I have tried fishing on a number of occasions and always came back with the same conclusion. I don't have the patience for fishing. This does not mean I lack patience. I have plenty of patience. For example, when it comes to photography, I can sit for hours waiting for the sun to be at just the right position so that I can get the "perfect shot". The difference, for me, is that I know exactly how long I have to wait for the sun to be at a specific point. But when it comes to fishing, I don't know when (or if) the fish are going to bite - and that is what I find frustrating. I thrive on certainty. I leave uncertainty for others.

Roy called me late last night asking if I would join him for a fishing trip along with some friends of his. The fishing would be in a high-speed boat, which he felt I might enjoy. The was a catch (pardon the pun). I had to get up at 5:30 am!!. Even as I groaned at the prospect of getting up at such an ungodly hour, I agreed to join him - thinking that the trip might offer some photographic opportunities.

Roy picked me up and we drove over to his friends place. We packed everything and set off before the sunrise.

View of Reis de Magos, Panjim.
The waters were calm and still. Everyone cast their bait (an artificial bait called rapalas) and the boat started trawling slowly. Right off the bat, one of the friends got his first catch. I don't know exactly what this fish is called, but according to our friends, it's one darn tasty fish.

First catch of the day.
The sun was rising slowly on the horizon casting golden glow across the Mandovi River.

Sunrise on Mandovi River.
The second catch of the day was a much bigger affair. Everyone had a good time as the fish was reeled slowly but surely towards the boat. It was a very large rock fish. It's called Gobro in Konkani and Hamur in Arabic.

Reeling in the big one.
The fish is too big to be pulled up. My brother hooks it.
The one that did not get away.
We did manage to catch one more fish just off Raj Bhavan (the residence of the Governor of Goa). After that,  it was just trawling around and just talking and chatting. We finally decided to call it quits once it became windy and hot - but all in all, I would consider this a successful trip, both in terms of the catch, as well as the photo opportunities it provided.

False alarm. The bait got stuck to a rock.
Reis De Magos Fort, Panjim.
End of the Fishing Trip.

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