Sunday, December 19, 2010

Explore Goa: Bird-Watching

Juvenile Brahminy Kit
I am on vacation. I go to sleep late at night and I would like to stay in bed till noon. But every morning, I end up being forced out of bed at 5 a.m., when it is still pitch black outside. That is the price I have to pay for living in a tropical paradise. The cacophony of thousand birds screaming their guts out means that morning sleep is just not possible.

Yesterday morning, I decided to take my revenge on the noisy birds by fixing the newly acquired 80-400mm lens and going out and shooting all the birds I could see. The biggest noise making culprits are, of course, the crows. There are thousands of crows screaming all day long. However, I was astonished to see the varied bird life that exists in Mobor. I managed to get the following captures in just 1 hour. I can only imagine what an avid birder can find here.

My brother Roy, besides being an avid angler, is also passionate about his birds. He identified all the birds that I captured without even giving it a second thought. He know which ones are local, and which are migratory.

Asian Koel.

The Asian Koel is a very common bird in Mobor.

Black Capped Kingfisher

According to Roy, the black-capped kingfisher is a very shy bird and he was surprised that I managed to get close to one. This one is in a hunched position and hence the white neck is almost hidden.

Brahminy Kite
Brahminy Kites in flight.

The Brahminy kites are very common in Mobor. They hunt for fish in River Sal, while the crows keep bothering them in order to get an easy lunch by stealing their catch.

Juvenile Brahminy Kite being bothered by crows.
Juvenile Brahminy Kite

Mobor also hosts many species of bulbul.

Yellow throated Bulbul
Red whiskered Bulbul

Another view of the Red whiskered Bulbul.

I found chestnut headed bee eaters all over the place - mostly resting on the electricity cables.

Chestnut headed bee eater.

Plus a whole lot of other types of birds.

Common mynah

Another view of a Comorant

Pied Robin

Pond Heron
White Breasted Kingfisher.
Another view of the white breasted kingfisher.

I finally got to put the 80-400 lens to some good use. I wish I had the patience and the time to take more pictures of bird life in Goa. Perhaps on my next trip.


Nicole said...

OK, I am not envious in the least bit,...:-)

Edwin said...

Hi Cajie,

Cool Pic.. Anyways, if you wake up at 5 am, it means you are sober :( Bad News

Edwin said...

How about some pics of some real "KINGFISHER" !!!!

Cajie said...

don't worry. the real Kingfisher has become my staple diet. In fact, some friends were complaining that I am doing free publicity for Vijay Malliya.
Here's a picture of the real kingfisher.

John said...

Please do keep a copy of your snaps of the birds with Roy. He should use them to market his business,
Also can you get a few shots of his speciality dishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Cajie,
need ur help for dudhsagar waterfall sighseeing...

we will be starting from dandeli say around 11 O'clock in d morning

Do you have any references for booking tavera or smthing which can take us to dudhsagar and then to madgon.

Best Regards,

Cajie said...

Hi Shradda,
You should ideally try to reach Collem. There are 4x4 that take you from Kollem to Dudhsagar (45 minute drive) for around Rs. 350/- per person.

Anonymous said...

Cajie...thanks...but we will be carrying our luggage so its difficult to get down kulem n catch another 4X4 vehicle... atleast if we get rented car ,we can park outside park and then catch 4X4 SUV...

To hire vehicle , do you have any references? Our pick up will be from Dandeli.

again is it for sure that we will get 4X4 vehicle??

Best Regards,

Cajie said...

I am sure about the 4x4 because it is a well-organized business in Collem. Also, it is not recommended to take normal vehicles to Dudhsagar, as the road is really horrible.
As for the renting of vehicle, I am afraid I cannot help you there. My best advice would be NOT to rent a vehicle - but rather take one of the tourist taxis that you find near any hotel or the beach. It should cost around Rs. 2500 for the round trip to Collem. If you lock up the luggage, it should be safe with the driver.
The drivers wait in Collem for the 2-3 hours that the Dudhsagar visit takes.

Anonymous said...

khool thats sounds great :)

hey but how do i manage

see i will be chekcing out from dandeli by 11 O'clock how long it will take to reach to goa n then to dudhsagar :(

can i take amravati express which goes to kulem via reaches by l PM to kulem...

Best Regards,

NicoleB said...

Do you think I can do a short test with it one of these days?

lensman said...

Dude, pics looking good!!! nice post production too :)

vaidegi j said...

WOW! so beautifully amazing!!
i used to comment, how people from goa and kerala manage to live here in the desert, stripped of all fauna and flora. And when we go back home, we realise as to what extent our senses have become used to the absence of these!

Cajie said...

@vaidegi j.
Very true. It is only after coming to Kuwait that I came to realize just how beautiful our homeland is. When I was in Goa, I would look at mountains as an obstacle to go from Point A to Point B. Now I look at them as majestic places to explore.


great blog, very inspirational!!.Has helped me choice my next destination.
Many thanks.