Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Slideshows are a pretty neat way of showcasing your photographs, and there are plenty of free tools on the net that can do this for you. I came across a friend's post showcasing a new tool from slide.com that is dead-easy to use; especially if you are using a photo-sharing site like flickr. I just entered my flickr name and it pulled out all my sets. As a test, I just selected my recently shot "Toronto" set, and I was done. It spewed out some code that I just paste into my blog, and the slide show is up and running.

Very cool.


Nicole said...

This is cool!
Now I can see your flickr pictures without hassling with the Site!

WAY cool - and the shots are great!
Love that waterfall!

Rayboy said...

slideshows are nice. But they kindoff make your webpage load longer.


I am using that in my hi5 :D

But I like flickr's tool on the right too, I am using it my self in my blog.