Friday, October 26, 2007

Flamingos - A little bit closer.

Synchronized Eating
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
Last week, I tried photographing the exotic flamingos that make Kuwait their home. My effort was a little bit off, as they live in this kind of a swamp that is pretty difficult to get close to.

I thought I'll give it another shot hoping that it is high tide which would make the flamingos a little more accessible. Well, it was not high tide (need to check the tide calendar before trying it next time), but luckily for me, a bunch of flamingos were feeding very close to the shore.

I used the same lens as before, 80-200mm f2.8. This picture is a 100% crop of the 10 megapixel image. A 400mm would have been just the ticket to get a closer shot of these amazing birds.


Nicole said...

This looks great :)!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos you have in your blog. Awesome! :)