Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flamingos in Kuwait

Flamingos in Kuwait
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
I was quiet surprised to learn that there are flamingos in Kuwait; as I had never seen a single one in my 15 years of living here (except in the Kuwait zoo).
Apparently, they are found only in a specific area in Kuwait. There is a sort of a sanctuary near the Shuwaikh hospitals area, and the flamingos are found there.
I decided to check it out so I packed my camera gear and headed towards the Al-Sabah maternity hospital; as I remember seeing an access area to the beach there.
I was indeed surprised to find a whole flock of flamingos near the waterside. Unfortunately for me, it was low tide and it was not possible to get close enough to them to get a decent shot.
This was shot with my 80-200 f2.8 zoomed to it's maximum of 200mm. Not good enough!.
Now I need to visit the place again during high tide, hoping to get a little closer to the birds.


This Lady Says said...

Beautiful picture.

The Aggressor said...

If you haven't done so, check out the vegetation at the Kuwaiti desert during the winter times. It's worth a shot or two...some of the few hidden beauties of Kuwait.

Marzouq said...

That is fantastic! Really great, and if your going into that marsh make sure you have a friend in a 4x4 to get you out when you sink! lol

Nicole said...

Oh - thanks!!!

I thought they were way out of reach for me without a car, but that sounds like I could get there somehow :D

I need to go there (but maybe not with my tiny cam ;) )

Cajie said...

@this lady

@the aggressor
Any specific place?. The only place in Kuwait with vegetation that I know is Wafra. If you know of any other places, let me know.

No way am I going to step in the marsh. I am staying safe on the shore :)

You need a camera that can give you around at least 400mm focal range to get anything useful.

Nicole said...

I still wanna see them :)