Thursday, November 23, 2006

Photography in Dubai

Dubai-The Burj
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I went for a business trip (Gitex 2006) and was in 2 minds whether to take my Nikon dSLR along. In the end, I decided to travel light and did not carry the big camera. Instead, I took along with me a Casio EX-Z600 - my pocket point & shoot.
I regretted the decision because there are so many amazing structures that look great at night.
I was doubtful whether the Casio was up to the task of taking decent night time shots. After fiddling around the menu, I found that the best results could be obtained by setting the camera in "Night Scene" mode and placing the camera on some sturdy surface and using the self-timer mode to ensure that the shutter release does not cause a blur.
On the bright side, I found a great offer for a 12-24mm Sigma lens. When I compared the price on Amazon, I found that I got it cheaper than Amazon!.
Next time, I am taking the d70 and all my wide-angle lenses.


DeReD said...

Oh my goodness! , i didn't even know that you had a blog. Nice Job. Anyways, just wanted to update you on the camera purchase. My sis did not take my advice. She went after Canon's latest and greatest P&S the 10megapixel IXUS 900 Ti.. No image stabilization :-(

Hope all is well.. Met up with Q8techdrive the other day.. we had fun.. Take care..

Thess said...

Dubai has many opportunities for great photography. We only have to be careful since the culture is not very open in terms of freedom to take pictures anytime and anywhere we want. Thanks for this blog. It can be a venue to inform people about many opportunities in Dubai. :-)

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