Thursday, November 30, 2006

More on the Sigma 12-24 lens.

Marina Celebrations 2
Originally uploaded by Cajie.
I was very surprised to get a call from the Managing Director of Marina Waves - a very friendly lady. She had seen some of my Marina pictures and wanted to congratulate me and invite me for a party.
I went over and found lots of music and lights. I checked with the security guy and found that the party was for a new restaurant that was opening up. I could see a live band and lots of activity.
Unfortunately, I had a dinner engagement at 8 p.m., so I decided not to go inside.
I used the opportunity of flashing lights to take some pictures with the Sigma 12-24 wide angle lens.
I must admit I am falling in love with this lens.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Barretto - could you email me? I'd oike to ask about useage of one of your images. Thanks.

The Criticizer said...

Do you happen to know if Sony's alpha-100 DSLR good or not?