Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Proud to be an Indian

Proud to be an Indian
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I have been living in Kuwait for 14 years and never once attended the Independence day or Republic day celebrations held at the Indian Embassy. I always meant to go, but the time (7 AM) was a bit too early for me.
This year, I was motivated because of my new lens that I purchased few weeks back. I just knew that this lens was ideal for this kind of event.
I reached the Embassy just 5 minutes before the ceremony began. I was a little worried that the security would not let me get in - because the camera with the 80-200 lens mounted looks quite menacing. Plus I was carrying a monopod.
To my surprise, I found that everyone simply assumed that I am a professional photographer, and I could walk just about anywhere and take whatever photo I want (including going right in front of the Ambassador during his speech).

Here are some more of the photos that I took.

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CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

kewl kewl...never knew tha u gotta blog....thot flickr was your only platform...