Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grand Mosque Kuwait - Revisited

The Holy Koran at the Grand mosque - Kuwait
Back in May 2007, I visited the Grand Mosque with my brand new D200 and immediately realized that I should  have taken a tripod to get some interior shots.

To those who are interested in visiting the Grand Mosque, the AWARE center organizes tours every month (usually the 2nd Saturday of each month). More details about the tour are here.

My family wanted to see the Grand Mosque so I decided to visit it once again with the whole family. We gathered at the Mosque at 9:30 am (there were around 40 other people). We were served water, tea, juices and biscuits and the guide gave us a comprehensive tour of the mosque - along with its history, architecture, and statistics on how many people the mosque can accommodate.

I had carried my tripod this time so I managed to get some nice shots of the interior - especially the detailed ceilings and walls inside the mosque.

You can see the photos here.

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